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3 edition of The hypophysis in a tiger (Filis tigris) and an Indian elephant (Elephas maximus) found in the catalog.

The hypophysis in a tiger (Filis tigris) and an Indian elephant (Elephas maximus)

Bertil Hanström

The hypophysis in a tiger (Filis tigris) and an Indian elephant (Elephas maximus)

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Published by C.W.K. Gleerup in Lund .
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    of or relating to the hypophysis. Whether you're a student, an educator, or a lifelong learner, can put you on the path to systematic vocabulary improvement.   The Brain of the Tiger Salamander () The University Of Chicago Press, Chicago, Illinois. Historic Disclaimer - information about historic embryology pages Pages where the terms " Historic " (textbooks, papers, people, recommendations) appear on this site, and sections within pages where this disclaimer appears, indicate that the content and.

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The hypophysis in a tiger (Filis tigris) and an Indian elephant (Elephas maximus) by Bertil Hanström Download PDF EPUB FB2

The hypophysis or pituitary is a small, bean-shaped endocrine gland measuring approximately 4 × 6 × 8 mm and weighing about – mg in adults. There are no major size differences between genders in adults (Kovacs and Horvath, ).The hypophysis is located in the sella turcica, a depression in the superior surface of the sphenoid bone (Figure ).

In vertebrate anatomy, the pituitary gland, or hypophysis, is an endocrine gland, about the size of a pea and weighing grams ( oz) in humans. It is a protrusion off the bottom of the hypothalamus at the base of the hypophysis The hypophysis in a tiger book upon the hypophysial fossa of the sphenoid bone in the center of the middle cranial fossa and is surrounded by a small bony cavity (sella turcica Artery: superior hypophyseal artery, infundibular.

The hypophysis, or pituitary is a small, pea-sized gland located at the base of the brain that functions as "The Master Gland." From its lofty position above the rest of the body it sends signals to the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, ovaries and testes, directing them to produce thyroid hormone, cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, and many more.

Hypophysis definition, pituitary gland. See more. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. ‘The internal carotid artery supplies blood to the middle ear, brain, hypophysis, orbit, and choroid plexus of the lateral ventricle.’ ‘This gland, also termed the hypophysis cerebri, lies in a bony cavity, the sella turcica, so called because it was thought to resemble a Turkish saddle.’.

Hypophysis definition is - pituitary gland. History and Etymology for hypophysis. borrowed from New Latin (short for hypophysis cerebrī, literally, "outgrowth of the brain"), borrowed from Greek hypóphysis "attachment underneath," from hypophýesthai "to grow up below or in place of" (from hypo-hypo-+ phýesthai "to grow, spring up, be born," middle voice of phýein "to bring forth, produce.

Hypophysitis is the acute or chronic inflammation of the pituitary gland. The spectrum of hypophysitis has expanded in recent years with the addition of two histologic subtypes and recognition as a complication of treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Despite the increased number of published cases, the pathogenesis of hypophysitis is poorly understood, and treatment strategies are. Other articles where Hypapophysis is discussed: snake: Vertebrae: posteriorly directed projection called a hypapophysis. The presence or absence of this structure on the vertebrae of the posterior third of the body has been of considerable importance in snake classification because large groups of species show this as a common characteristic.

In the egg-eating snakes (subfamily Dasypeltinae. (anatomy) The pituitary gland. - Wilhelm Falta, (trans. Milton Kayton Meyers) The Ductless Glandular Diseases, P.

Blakiston's Son & Co. OCLCpage CHAPTER VI / THE DISEASES OF THE HYPOPHYSIS [PITUITARY GLAND] (botany) The top cell of the suspensor in a dicot embryo, which will differentiate to form part of the root cap. - Trevor. tiger have been limited to the study of central in-farction and haemorrhage (Snow et al., ), sus-pected neurotoxicity (Zeira et al., ) and nor-mal anatomy of stifle joints (Arencibia et al., ).

Although MRI was used to examine the Bengal tiger’s brain (Snow et al., ), no detailed ana. The hypophysis, or pituitary gland, is a pea-size gland located at the base of the brain (illustration on the right).It is the smallest, but the most important endocrine gland.

The name pituitary originates from the Greek ptuo (to spit) and the Latin pituita (mucus). It was thought that mucus, produced by the brain, was excreted through the nose by the pituitary. The hypophysis consists of two major divisions.

The first, the neurohypophysis, comprises the infundibulum and its bulbous termination, the neural part or infundibular process (posterior lobe), which is composed of neuroglialike pituicytes, blood vessels, and unmyelinated nerve fibers of the hypothalamohypophysial tract.

Primary hypophysitis — also called idopathic hypophysitis — is a rare inflammatory condition of the pituitary gland and is believed to be an autoimmune disorder. The hypophysis (pituitary body) is a small reddish-gray body, about 1 cm.

in diameter, attached to the end of the infundibulum of the brain and resting in the hypophyseal fossa. 1: FIG– The hypophysis cerebri in in sagittal section.

(See enlarged image)FIG– Median sagittal through the hypophysis of an adult monkey. Semidiagramm. Primary hypophysitis is increasingly being recognized. The term primary means that the inflammation affects the hypophysis directly.

Primary hypophysitis, from now on referred to as simply hypophysitis, is important because it mimics, clinically and radiologically, the more frequent tumors of the sellar region (especially adenomas).

hypophysin: (hī-pof'i-sin), An aqueous extract of the posterior lobe of the fresh hypophysis of cattle; contains oxytocin and vasopressin. Hypothalamus and Hypophysis. Development and Subdivision of the Hypophysis (A, B) The hypophysis, or pituitary gland, consists of two parts, namely, the adeno-hypophysis (anterior lobe) (AB1), whichdevelops from an evagination of the roof of the primitive foregut (Rathke’s pouch), and the neurohypophysis (posterior lobe) (AB2), which represents an evagination of the floor of the.

Tiger Hybrids-color change. The body of a tiger is built to help them to survive. They are well known for blending into their surroundings, being fast, and being amazing hunters.

The body is very muscular and they have a great deal of power behind them. They have large paws with. EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTION OF GIGANTISM BY FEEDING THE ANTERIOR LOBE OF THE HYPOPHYSIS Eduard Uhlenhuth DOI: /jgp | Published Janu 3) Suction Bats.

Disk-winged bats (family Thyropteridae), native to Central America and northern South America, have disk-shaped suction pads located at the base of their thumbs and on the sole of their feet that allow them to climb smooth surfaces.

Inside these disks, the internal pressure is reduced, and the bat stick to the surface by suction. In fact, a single disk can support the weight.

Fi(t. 15 Camera-lucitla drawing of the 'infundibulum' and hypophysis of an adult of n. catrsbiana, from the ventral surface.

Caudal end is below, anl. anterior lobe: p. int., para intermedia: pi, pars tuberalis; th., thickening of infundibular floor; A', thin portion of infundibidar floor. Other articles where Hypophysis is discussed: plant development: Origin of the primary organs: The hypophysis will give rise to the radicle and the root cap; the.

Hypophysis Brain Spinal cord The effects of inanition and malnutrition upon growth and structure. 2 5 6 7 8 — 20 3 7 5 6 Organs showing a percentage loss in weight less than half that for the entire body Organ or part: Testes Cartilaginous skeleton Eyeballs Ligamentous skeleton.

Lymphocytic hypophysitis (LH) is a condition in which the pituitary gland becomes infiltrated by lymphocytes, resulting in pituitary enlargement and impaired function. It most often occurs in women in late pregnancy or the postpartum period, but can also occur in prepubertal or post-menopausal women, and in men.

pituitary gland n. A small oval endocrine gland attached to the base of the vertebrate brain and consisting of an anterior and a posterior lobe, the secretions of which control the other endocrine glands and influence growth, metabolism, and maturation. Also called hypophysis, pituitary body.

pituitary gland or pituitary body n (Anatomy) the master. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Hypophysis. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat (UTC). Text is available under. hypophysis definition: noun pl. -ses pituitary glandOrigin of hypophysisModern Latin from Gr, undergrowth, process from hypophyein from hypo- under + phyein, to grow: see be. hypophysial definition: Adjective (comparative more hypophysial, superlative most hypophysial) 1.

Of or pertaining to the hypophysis (the pituitary gland). The book continues to be an excellent companion to the Atlas of the Human Brain, and a common nomenclature throughout the book is enforced. Physiological data, functional concepts, and correlates to the neuroanatomy of the major model systems (rat and mouse) as well as brain function round out the new : Juergen Mai.

De Beer, in the preface to his book Comparative Anatomy, Histology and Development of the Pituitary Body, published eleven years ago () makes the statement that since the pituitary is a complex organ, far more so than is generally supposed, any attempt to deal with it experimentally, either by preparing extracts or by excision, must be.

Part of the Springer Advanced Texts in Life Sciences book series (SATLIFE) Abstract The endocrine glands or organs of the bird are (1) the hypophysis or pituitary, (2) the thyroids, (3) the parathyroids, (4) the adrenals, (5) the pancreas, (6) the testes and ovary. Articles from Quarterly Bulletin of the Northwestern University Medical School are provided here courtesy of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Of or pertaining to the hypophysis (the pituitary gland) Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. What is the relation between the hypophysis and the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is a part of the brain situated just above the hypophysis and the hypothalamus gets central and peripheral neural impulses that trigger response of its neurosecretory cells and the axons of these cells go down to the adenohypophysis to regulate the hipophyseal secretions by means of negative feedback.

hypophysis In vertebrate embryos, a projection that develops from the stomodaeum; it meets the infundibulum, the two fuse, the hypophysis loses its connection with the stomodaeum, and the combined infundibulum and hypophysis form the pituitary body.

A hypothesis (plural: hypotheses), in a scientific context, is a testable statement about the relationship between two or more variables or a proposed explanation for some observed a scientific experiment or study, the hypothesis is a brief summation of the researcher's prediction of the study's findings, which may be supported or not by the outcome.

Hypophysial definition ata free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now. One of the most important metabolic functions of the hypophysis is the part it plays in the formation of protein on which growth depends.

Bernardo Houssay - Nobel Lecture. This work, done inshowed that: (a) the anterior lobe of the hypophysis has an important part in the physiological control of metabolism; (b) the hypophysis is a factor conditioning the severity of diabetes; (c) the. Hypophyseal definition is - of or relating to the hypophysis.

Full text Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (M), or click on a page image below to browse page by page.

Links to PubMed are also available for Selected References. Andronikou S, van Toorn R, Boerhout E () MR imaging of the posterior hypophysis in children with tuberculous meningitis. Eur Radiol – doi: /s .Define hypophysis. hypophysis synonyms, hypophysis pronunciation, hypophysis translation, English dictionary definition of hypophysis.

n. pl. hypophyses See pituitary gland. hypoph′ysi′al, hypoph′yse′al adj. n, pl -ses the technical name for pituitary gland hypophyseal.hypophysis (hi-pofґ ə-sis) [hypo-+ Gr.

phyein to grow] [TA] pituitary gland: an epithelial body located at the base of the brain in the sella turcica, attached by a stalk to the hypothalamus, from which it receives an important neural and vascular consists of two lobes of differing embryonic origin, the anterior lobe (adenohypophysis), which secretes most of the hormones.